Providing creative inspiration since 2009.




One of our biggest hopes here at KustomDuo is that our fashion succeeds in providing creative inputs and giving food for thought for a life filled with joy, peace, love for one’s neighbor, gratitude, quality and sustainability.

Providing creative inspiration since 2009.

To continually apply this lifestyle creatively, and to remain conscious of our learning process is something we want to cherish and show the world. 

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to society with our KustomDuo fashion style and lifestyle.

In doing so, we feel committed to biblical ethics, which we consider the foundation of life.

KustomDuo is motivated by the following heartfelt wishes:

  • To share joy of living in everyday life, through wearing KustomDuo
  • To advance every single person in his or her uniqueness
  • To convey royal charisma to allow you to feel like a prince or princess
  • To dignify, with much attention to detail, the individuality and needs of a person
  • To offer benefits like KustomDuo creations that include ingenious specials
  • To motivate people to lead a life of joy and responsibility
  • To promote a healthy work-life balance and to increase meaning in life
  • To maintain trustworthy relationships through commitment and loyalty
  • To lead by example, especially towards young people